Monochromatic wardrobes

  1. New York Magazine has an article called One is the Loveliest Color about 5 New Yorkers who live and breathe only one hue. The photos are awesome, but even though my style is 90% black I can't avoid some variety.

    If you were to go monochrome (say for one year for the hypothetical # million dollars :p) what color would you wear?

    I think I'd go with black and dark grey, on the caveat that I could dye my hair any other color. Otherwise I'd go hair to toe bright pink.
  2. I'm a blonde and wear a ton of black anyway, so I'd go with black and/or charcoal grey as well - as long as I could accessorize, I'd be good!
  3. Interesting article. I would have to choose grey or dark blue. These are two staple colors in my wardrobe that I wear a lot as it is.
  4. Wow- I can't imagine doing that. It seems a little much for me.

    But if I was forced (or paid!) to do it, I'd probably stick with black.
  5. You can't go wrong with black. I wear a lot of it already, so the change wouldn't be too hard to deal with.
  6. I stick to black 99% of the time. The other 1% I wear denim and maybe a white tee. As long as I can acessorize with whatever I want i'm good!!
  7. Very cool article.

    I would have to go with black. I wear white, black, grey, and brown almost exclusively as it is.
  8. coral pink! might well as have some fun!!
  9. hah that is me . well kind of i do two colors all shades of black (including gray)and all shades of white that´s it and ilove it cause that is me
    the only thing i allow color are shoes and handbags + jewels of course
  10. Thanks for posting this article. It was a lot of fun.

    I don't think I could do all one color, though I could stick to the basic black, white, ecru and grey. I'd spice up the look with colorful handbags. I could probably get away with just wearing my diamond ring and studs and my black or white pearls.
  11. Heh, that is pretty interesting. I wouldn't consciously choose one color, but my hue would be black for certain, and probably one color would be a light canary yellow, with beige floating in and out.

    I just think I would get so bored though!
  12. I cant believe she buys white louboutins and colours them blue with sharpey pens!
  13. ^ I know!!! I wonder how those look up close. Can't she just special order shoes in the color she wants??
  14. wow.. thats crazy.. i love colors to much to just pick one.. but if i had to, it'd be white
  15. Black, since that is what I wear most of the time anyway!