Mono Zippy Wallet vs. Pomme Zippy Wallet

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  1. Hi everyone! Maybe an apples and oranges question......or is it just a matter of Granny Smith Apple vs. Red Delicious Apple question - I'm not sure....but I'm 98% sure I really love the zippy wallet.
    I have a Damier French purse - which I love very much - but I'm really in need (well, 'want') of a larger wallet to throw in those miscellaneous receipts etc. But the question lies in which one.
    I debate the durability of the mono vs. the pop of the vernis which might show wear a bit more on the leather. The Mono is classic but the pomme is brighter. One will disappear in my mono brown-interior bags, one will disappear in my damier red-interior bag. And it's certainly not a question of 'get both'. I can't get both!!!!! :sweatdrop:
    I try to envision which will make me smile when I open my bag - and I know that the Pomme would.....but not if I'm dealing with transfer issues.....:sad: I don't know - is there a general consensus which is 'the one'....?
  2. I like the pomme better - but for everyday use I would take the mono.
    I decided between amarante and damier azur: I've chosen the damier azur and I don't regret it.
  3. The Pomme Zippy is cuter! The red is really bright and it will stand out :smile:
  4. Pomme!
  5. Pictures.....

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  6. Normally I would say Pomme over Mono, but I have a thing for the Mono Zippy. I'd go with that!
  7. This is though one :thinking:. I love Pomme, but in some way mono Zippy looks very very hot. So I guess I vote for mono, after all you can be pretty sure it's a lifetime partner (not sure about the vernis).
  8. The Pomme stands out way more than the mono. For some reason the pic of the mono zippy looks kinda plain. Pick the Pomme!
  9. I vote for the mono simply because my friends Pomme zippy got dirty on the red fabric around the zipper. Bear in mind that both zippers will tarnish. My daughter has the mono zippy and although the zipper is now silverish in color instead of brass colored, it doesn't look "too" bad. I don't think the pomme would look good with a silverish zipper though, so I guess I would keep that in mind. My SA and the manager of my store told me that the zipper will tarnish to full silver on all of the zippy wallets in time. I think it looks less bad with the mono.
  10. Definitely Pomme!! I have a violette zippy and I feel that if I am going to spend this much on a wallet, it had better make me smile...... BTW, I find the darker vernis colors quite durable. Good luck deciding.:smile:
  11. I agree, I don't know why but somehow the Mono Zippy as well as the Mono Zippy Coin Purse look so pretty. Eventhough they are plain, they truly are lifetime partners! So my vote goes to Mono :smile:
  12. Monogram is very beautiful......and I was having this same decision to make when I wanted a Pochette Pomme or Pochette Monogram wallet. I decided with Monogram when I seen it in person. The pomme is very nice, but my first wallet was a Monogram Pochette Wallet. I know I'm not much help here when I also say this, if you fall in love with the Pomme, enjoy that wallet, since you have a Damier French Purse, the Pomme will be a special wallet as the new wallet you want lol I know I'm not much help. But I would choose Monogram again.
  13. Definitely Pomme... but I'm biased... Vernis is my favorite line... fav color... Violette!
  14. I have the Pomme Zippy and LOVE it as I do all Vernis. No issues with transfer of color, it is very durable, all my accessories are Vernis (no mono or damier), I use them everyday and the Zippy is a wonderful contrast and POP against whatever bag you are carrying. I've had clerks hardly be able to ring me up in the store for looking at my vernis wallets.
  15. I have had the pomme zippy for a while now, and it's been fab! It it such a nice pop of colour, in any of my bags. For some reason a mono zippy just looks so plain to me. As far as getting the zipper dirty...everything I've gotten on there kind of just blended in, KWIM?