mono zippy purse wallet...

  1. anyone have one? I just got one and I dont know if I like it...any opinions from anyone..thanks;)
  2. I have them in Epi and Damier and I love it. It holds plenty and I like the fact that my receipts have a place other than the bottom of my handbag.

    What is it about your's that you don't like?
  3. What do you not like about it? Just curious. I almost decided on this wallet in Monogram. But I decided my two favorite Mono Wallets were Pochette Wallet and French Purse. The Zippy Wallet is a nice wallet - but I thought about how what if I don't like having to zip it open and closed all the time. And I even thought about the worst case scenarios - not that it would happen, what if a zipper wore out. What if the zipper broke on the wallet I would cry. :crybaby: Because its a beautiful zipper, and I over-thought about the zippy, that I decided it wasn't for me. Now I wish I never fell out of love with the zippy wallet, but in the end, I just didn't want to get a zippy for the above reasons. I'm probably crazy for thinking about the what if's, but I've decided on a Mono Wallet. :yahoo: I'll be sure to show everyone when it gets here. :shame:
  4. I love the capacity of my Zippy Wallet. All the extra gusset compartments are very practical. Including the extra interior zip pocket is great for my little valuables. It is a year old and NO problems with the exterior zipper. May be a little large and can make your bag heavy if you carry lots of stuff. KWIM
  5. I abolutely adore my vernis zippy wallet!! I love those extra compartments where i can put cards (gift cards, point cards etc) in. I almost brought the pochette wallet in the new vernis color, but i already have a GROOM pochette wallet, so i went for zippy for a little change, Im soooo glad i did!!!:p It may look big due to those big LVs...but its actually very close to the size of the pochette wallet....Check out "the wallet club" thread!!
  6. i dont have it... but i love it, and the look of it!