Mono Zippy Coin Purse

  1. Hi everyone - Happy New Year!
    Just wondering if anyone has photos of their mono zippy coin purse that they could post. Also, thoughts on this piece (i.e., how much it holds, whether you use it everyday, etc.) Also... does anyone know if it will be made in Damier?

    Thanks xo
  2. I was tempted in getting one of these as well. I wish it was like the zippy coin wallet (like they have in Taiga). I don't think you can put many bills in this.
  3. ^^^wow pixiefrog, the jack and lucie looks perfect on it ... so cute!

    I received one for christmas but have not used it yet, I think it'll be perfect for smaller bags like the pochette!
  4. Thanks pixiefrog - those pics are very helpful! It looks like you can fit a lot... Right now I using a cles as a wallet so this will be a good upgrade!!
  5. I don't have one but I really want one but I'm waiting and hope it will come out in azur, vernis or mc.
  6. This is the cutest change purse!!! I want one now!! LOL!!
  7. it's really roomy, I saw and touched it in the store, :smile:) I am waiting for the damier
  8. I really like this, but I can't get distracted lol! If it came out in Damier I would probably buy it.......
  9. I am waiting for it to come out in Pomme. I think it looks great in Mono too.
  10. Ooohhh me likey! I want one too now! :p
  11. Oh yes pomme would be wonderful!

    I am not sure how long they would be producing the pomme colour though.

    I emailed LV yesterday and they said they would not comment on how long this color is available for. Hmmm... I better go get my pomme ludlow this weekend. ;)
  12. Does anyone know if/when it will be released in Damier?? That would be gorgeous!
  13. I'm planning to give this as a gift to my sister but is it too big to fit in jeans pockets when you also have keys in the same pocket as well?