mono zippy coin purse or damier snapped billfold and coin purse? HELP!

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  1. I can't decide between the two....What would you do if you were in my position? Which is more practical?
  2. I vote for the zippy because I think it's adorable...and I want one too!!
  3. I can't decide between the two...I can get a killer deal on the billfold on ebay( the one with 4 cc slots) OR...when I get to Portland get the zippy coin...hmmmm
  4. They are two very different wallets in size.

    Get the zippy if you need something small and handy. I like it lots. :yes:
  5. is the billfold only a little bit bigger?
  6. Zippy is adorable.. BUT I just find wallets without a cash slot REALLY aggravating. If you don't really use cash, this might be alright and not really an issue.
  7. I try to always carry some cash on me...SO I guess i'm best with the billfold?
  8. i prefer the zippy, i just got one and i already have the mono snapped billfold.
  9. I purchased the Zippy coin today at my SoCal TPF Meet and I absolutely love it! It is my vote!
  10. Zippy coin purse for sure! I can't wait to get my HK LE one!!!
  11. not having a bill compartment isn't a pain?
  12. i'll go for billfold ... it's easier to use with the bill slot for me
  13. I think i've decided.....i'm going to get the billfold.

    thnx for the input everyone! :biggrin:
  14. im a card kind of girl. i hardly carry cash. I find the billfold big, for that size i'd rather get a pochette wallet. plus i have a lot of smaller purses so i find the zippy to be really good like in pochettes and my eva
  15. Great choice! They're both great wallets, but I would've voted for the zippy because I have it!