mono wapity

  1. anyone have mono wapity here? can you please post pics?

    thinking of getting one for my digital camera case... what do you guys think?

    my digital camera doesnt come with a case, so i have to buy one anyway. its naked at the moment... hehehehe
  2. oh, and if anyone can tell me the price for it in australia that would be awesome
  3. It would make a good camera case, if your camera is small enough to fit. Mine won't fit in it. Here's a pic of mine. Sorry it's a pic of a lot of bags, but my razr phone fits good in it if that gives you an idea of the length.
  4. I thought I was gonna get a mono wapity as a camera case but seeing it in person next to the mc one, I now want the black mc oone!
  5. get it get it! it's so adorable! i love it! but the BF always gives the evil eye when i say i want the wapity. he thinks it's a waste of money haha. but i say, any excuse to own the wapity!
  6. The mono Wapity is AUD$395 ( don't know if they've increased it or not). Make sure your camera's size's a bit smaller than the case. Actually the best thing to do is to bring your camera along with you and try it out in the boutique.:yes:
  7. Gah TexasGirl your bags are TDF!
  8. Here's a pic of my MC Wapity (same size as Mono) with my mobile phone. Picture 183.jpg Picture 184.jpg
  9. ^^^ That's so cute Lee! I want one in Damier... if LV ever makes one
  10. Thanks Addy. :biggrin: Oh yes, they should consider making one in Damier:love: , I want them to make a Damier Lockit as well:hysteric:
  11. what kind of camera do you have?

    I have an elph and it fits :smile:
  12. i love my wapity :love: unfortunately my camera is a tad too big for it, but shes great for going out with etc... GET ONE!!! :yahoo:
  13. I have an elph too and it fits perfectly...I also have a thumb drive an extra battery and the USB cord in there too
  14. hey all thanks for all the responses.

    i think i'll bring my camera tomorrow and visit LV.

    i have panasonic dmc-lx1. based on the measurements of wapity on vuitton's website, it should be ok for my camera. but just making sure so i'll bring my camera along with me tomorrow.

    but i'm a guy, i'm worried that it looks too feminine. especially with that strap.. LOL!

    any ideas on this?

    i had a look at Gucci earlier, they had a similar case from their black canvas.. it's like half-price of the wapity, but looks a bit dodgy. LOL!
  15. I reckon it's unisex especially the mono:yes:. Gucci? What Gucci? LOL..Have fun tomorrow;)