Mono Vernis "Stampings" Query

  1. Hi everyone ..

    I don know if this query was posted before ... (tried looking but unsuccessful)

    BTW, does anyone notice that the stampings on the vernis range are not constant? I just bought the violette cosmetic pouch today, and notice that the stampings are not as deep as the rest of my vernis. I did mention it to the SA, but they told me its normal. They showed me other bags that have different strength of stampings on them. I personally preferred the deeper ones, but as it was the last violet cosmetic pouch... I have no choice. Do you think I should just return it? It does bugged me though that the stamping is not that visible but then its the last one ... :hysteric:

    Please please please I need some advice ....
  2. one side of my pomme cles is that way, the other side is very deep.
  3. My SA told me the depth of the embossing is different with every batch. So you would have to pick and choose should you want either the deep or light embossing.
  4. True, they are all different. No even every patch of leather on every bag is necessarily the same.
  5. I don't own enough vernis to comment... however, I remember a friend's bronze bedford being so lightly embossed that you had to look closely to see it.
    I agree, I prefer a deeper embossment.. although it reminds me more of fakes.. as they are always DEEPLY embossed!
  6. They can only get one shot at the embossing, so that is why their is a variety in the depths.
  7. it really depends on batches, you can try to exchange it, talk to your sa.
    are these vernis pouches limited?
  8. All my vernis peices luckily are deeply embossed...I dont think id mind thought if they werent..its the shiny patent that I like the most..
  9. Luckily after "inspecting" my Summit Drive, mine is deeply embossed. I can understand wanting to exchange, if that's not the case.

    If you're not completely happy with it, I'd exchange it.

    Good luck with your decision!:smile:
  10. Yes ... Unfortunately its the last one too ...