Mono Vernis Alma

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  1. Hey guys.... Has the monogram vernis alma ever came in a black?
  2. I don't think so, but amarante is a very dark color. :smile:
  3. Was there anything similar ever made in black?
  4. There is the epi electric which is a patent version of epi, but I think that is the only one to come in blacks far as I know.
  5. The Epi Electric is the closest. If LV made it, I'd LOVE a Mono Vernis Alma MM in Black (w/gold hardware of course).
  6. me too!!! that would be my HG bag!!!
  7. Don't think there's Alma in vernis black before....there's black epi instead.
  8. There has never been a black Vernis Alma. Amarante (black cherry) is the closest, but you can definitely see the deep garnet shimmer coming through. It only looks black from certain angles and in certain lighting. I love the Epi Electric black. It's luminous! That's the closest we have to a Vernis-looking Alma in black, but of course the leather is striated and not monogrammed. I love both!