Mono Trouville, Mono Speedy, or ???

  1. Thank you to everyone who has already given me their vote on my previous posting (Trouville vs. Alma). Trouville beat out Alma however I'm reading from other postings that the Trouville handles are quite smaller and don't fit on the crook of the arm. So I'm stuck again.
    Debating whether to purchase the Mono Trouville or Mono Speedy 30? I'm 5'6 and on the medium build so I want a bag proportionate to my size. I have alot of shoulder bags already so defitnetly a handbag this time. I've tried the Trouville and Speedy in stores already and can't decide.
    Please give me your suggestions and any recommedation of another LV bag. I don't like the MC line so please opt that out and the budget is $900 and under.
    Thanks in advance for everyone's time!!!
  2. i think Trouville looks better on MC than on monogram. somehow...
    i think Speedy looks good on damier
  3. i really like the look of the trouville. :biggrin:
  4. Did you try the deauville since it's bigger than the trouville and you are tall enough to carry it off? The handles on the deauville may have a bigger drop than the trouville. (However, I don't know if the deauville still fits in your budget, sorry!)

    My preference is definitely for trouville/deauville over the speedy. Everyone has the speedy! You will be unique with trouville/deauville, and you won't have to deal with the sagging bottom.

    Good luck with your decision, and enjoy!
  5. i prefer the Trouville, or like Gibbs2424 said, the Deauville. they're neither of them as common as the Speedy, and i love their shape.
  6. I agree with yeux, the deauville has such a great shape. I did have a trouville but found it too small. I also have a Speedy 30. I am contradicting myself because all your choices are fabulous but if forced to choose just ONE bag -- I would choose the Deauville.
  7. I Agree!:flowers:
  8. I had a trouville and sold it. It's very uncomfortable to carry after long periods of out shopping. The handles hit weird on your arm. I'm 5'2", size 4-6, so I'm not a big gal either. I have a speedy 30 and it's very comfortable and is very roomy. Trouville has limited space and the pockets take up room, too.
  9. au contraire, my Multicolore Trouville fits very comfortably on my arm :yes:. i'm 5'4" and about 114lbs now, so i'm definitely not small.
  10. Well I tried a trouville on in the store and I'm 5'5 and around 145ish and it fit fine. I personally like it in the black MC (but a regular mono is on my list too).
    I would vote for speedy's just a staple in an LV collection!
  11. I have a porte tresor, medium agenda, cell phone, ipod, make up case, etc. (not too much stuff). When I tried to put it all in the trouville, it was REALLy cramped. I didn't like it because of that. I think the Deauville is too big and the trouville is too small - I wish they had something just like it right in the middle in size with bigger handles. I have noticed, when you see used Trouvilles on e-bay, the handles look really bad (I think because it really is a little small to wear on your wrist a lot). I like the Speedy 25 or 30, in monogram or Damier better. The Trouville is heavy too once you get everything in it.
  12. I personally like the Trouville/deeauville better than the Speedy...and Speedys are too common. JMHO
  13. I guess it might depend on where you carry it on your arm. I tend to carry my bags right at the wrist and maybe I'm sensitive, but it bugged me. I owned all 3...mono and both MC ones. The MC ones were more comfortable than my mono....maybe due to the weight of the lining?
  14. My vote is for the mono speedy. Very classy, spacious and can be dressed up or down......

  15. I couldnt agree more on that the trouville looks better on MC. Something just doesnt look right when its in the monogram. The Speedy in my book looks good in damier when it is a size 25. As for monogram it looks great in both the 25 or 30.