Mono Totally MM or Mono Neverfull GM for Sales Rep Travel bag?

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  1. #1 May 21, 2016
    Last edited: May 21, 2016
    Purse Forum Family,
    I need your opinion: I travel a lot for work... cross-country and I want to expand my LV collection to include a bag I can be excited to carry for my iPad, Laptop and business materials. I'm torn between these 2 models. In a separate thread, I believe I read that the Mono Totally was being discontinued??? Or redesigned??? Does anyone have a pic of the new model and when will it be available?
    Also, I'm considered the Mon Mono for the Neverfull GM, would this be tacky for business purposes??
    I appreciate any and all comments!! Thank you in advance!!:smile::smile::smile:

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  2. For traveling and business, you may want a zipper top and the extra pockets that Totally offers. Unless you need more space, then maybe the Neverfull GM. I think the straps on the Totally maybe more comfortable for travel though.
  3. I would do the classic mono neverfull GM as a travel bag. It's timeless. I have both the classic mono GM neverfull and the ebene totally Mm and would definitely choose the neverfull for travel. It's fits WAY much more and iis much easier to use when toting around extras. Hope this helps!
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  4. Neverfull all the way. The handles on my Totally ripped away from the bag because I carried around too much stuff. I had it less than a year. I took it in to LV to have it repaired - they simply handed me a new one. They told me the bag was not made to handle the load I was carrying and told me to buy a Neverfull.

    I did and it's a workhorse. I carry my laptop, iPad, notebook, headphones, phone, wallet, bottle of water, sweater, snacks and a makeup bag.
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  5. Chrissy106,
    I answered your question on another thread about pros and cons of the Neverfull MM and Totally MM as a work tote. I don't have a Neverfull GM so can't provide an opinion on that bag. But I do travel frequently for work both in state (car travel) and out of state by plane. Feel free to disregard my opinions, but here are some of my experiences from someone who has traveled for work for over 15 years.

    If you travel regionally by car, a Neverfull (either Mm or GM) makes a great travel bag to hold laptop, iPad, purse items, and business documents. Here is my Neverfull mm loaded up with my purse items and laptop.

    However, for airline travel I've stopped using LV (at least on the outside). First, airline travel can be pretty dirty. The X Ray machine, the space under the seat, taxi cabs, etc. are going to soil your bag. LV is a pretty expensive investment in my opinion. Second, I want a travel bag that zips, and the Neverfull doesn't offer that security. Third, on many of my business trips I travel alone. Traveling by myself while at the airport, getting into cabs, taking public transportation with an obviously expensive bag makes me more of a target for theft. Finally, if you have tight connecting flights, running through Atlanta or O'Hare with a heavy tote on your shoulder like the Neverfull GM will not be a fun experience. I've watched too many coworkers who were inexperienced travelers try and set a tote on top of their wheeled bag only to watch it fall off every few minutes. Trust me, a tote with a trolley sleeve might become your best friend.

    So my solution for air travel is Tumi. I carry a black Mansion tote bag (I have the older model, but I think they have redesigned it). It is washable, the black hides dirt, it is discreet, and has a trolley sleeve to fit over a suitcase handle. But it is large enough that on the inside I pack my laptop and LV of choice. Usually my Totally Mm for business meetings and conferences. Once I'm at the nice hotel where I'm staying I'm not as worried about being targeted for theft.


    I hope my experience was helpful, but if you decide on the Neverfull GM or MM you won't be alone. I see a number of them carried by travelers in every airport I visit.
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  6. Neverfull always gets my vote!
  7. Also, if you are going to be spending several nights away from home in hotels like I do, I would highly recommend an Eva clutch as a travel companion piece. It will easily fit in your large travel bag and not take up much space, and it the perfect little clutch to take to the hotel bar or restaurant.
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    I have to agree with historygal, traveling with LV wouldn't be my first choice. But if you insist on getting a LV tote for work AND travel, I would go for a Neverfull; either MM or GM will do. You can fit all that you mentioned comfortably.

    The Totally MM is actually quite small; anyone who says it makes a great travel or diaper bag either don't own the bag or they are overcramming the bag (or they just travel very lightly, I don't know). I think it carries the work essentials fine, though, but only if you carry your laptop separately. Otherwise, I think it makes for a chic office bag ;)

    I own the totally and neverfull both in the mm size, btw.
  9. Thank you! I'm leaning towards the Neverfull!
  10. And just to add, I love the color choices you made for the Mon Monogram GM. I ordered my Mon Monogram Neverfull MM and got in in 3 weeks! I'm already planning on ordering another Mon Monogram Speedy 35 in the colors you chose :smile:
  11. Historygal, thank you for your reply and I appreciate all the info!! I agree that airline travel is dirty!!! I usually pack an oversized Marc Jacobs dust bag into my LV Melie bag when I travel and slip her into it before storing her under the seat while air traveling. I was thinking I could do the same for the Neverfull GM. I do LOVE the idea of the Tumi Mansion bag but not sure if I want to invest in both right now. Definitely something to consider for future trips! Do you think I could fit a Neverfull GM into the Tumi tote for use when I arrive to my destination? Also, we must think alike because I own the Eva clutch in mono and absolutely love her! I was planning on doing just as you suggested... Using the Neverfull GM for iPad, sales materials, etc., storing my Eva inside and just bringing essentials instead of lugging both a purse and business bag. Thanks for all the great suggestions... You have been so helpful!!
  12. Thank you Kmazz39! I wasn't sure at first about the colors and then when I saw that when ordering online that the wait could be up to eight weeks I thought of foregoing Mon Mono... but your reply just changed my mind! What do you think of the colors inverted?

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  13. I actually think I liked it with the moutarde color in the center versus the ivory. Love the moutarde interior too. I ordered my mom monogram in Bleumarine and Bleu Claire colors with the darker Bleumarine interior. I think I ordered it right before Easter and got it exactly three weeks later. I did order through my SA who works at the Charleston SC location ( I'm in Michigan) and she was able to snap pics of it for me before she shipped it to me. Got it two days later and I absolutely love it.

  14. I agree! I own both and do prefer the neverfull. I also own the neverfull in the mm size, which is similar in size to the totally mm in my opinion. I use a longchamp tote and actually put my LVs inside for plane travel. I didn't feel comfortable with the dirt, cramming under the seat, or for the neverfull, risking someone reaching in. I do recommend a zip organizer for the neverfull. They offer security. I like the totally, however, I don't like it as much as I thought I would. Style and practicality go to the neverfull in my book

    Now mon mono vs plain mono, I LOVE my mon mono bags and would always pick that over a plain one haha. I do more subtle colors, mine are noir/ivorie and bleu marine/ivory.
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  15. Thank you! I'm leaning towards the Neverfull GM;)