Mono Stephen vs. mono SC

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  1. Can anyone tell me if the mono SC bag is the same size as the mono Stephen? Is it smaller/larger?
  2. I have both, and I think the mono Stephen is bigger, mainly because of the pleat, not by much though. I think the sc is about the size of a speedy 30...maybe 35, I think the stephen is just as long but wider than the sc bag. HTHs!
  3. Thank you mcg3897. If you have time, would you be willing to do a side by side comparision of the two? Also, a modeling pic of the SC on your shoulder? I am thinking of the SC bag but I have not seen it IRL.
  4. I posted some pictures when I bought my sc bag, one shows it on the a search and see if it comes up. Between the two, I think the sc is a better everyday bag. The stephen is beautiful but I HATE the strap. It is big and bulky for everyday. Okay if you are going to use it as a small carryon, but not practical for everyday. The sc bag is more everyday friendly. When I use my stephen, I don't use the strap. I like the fact that I can wear the sc on the shoulder or crossbody. I am short so the crossbody sits high but not bad on me. I love the handheld/shoulder option on any bag. I have tried putting other straps on the stephen but it just doesn't look right. I tried the palermo strap and my mono strap.....just not it. Handheld it is fine, but the shoulder option is out on the stephen for me.
  5. Thank you.
  6. The SC would be about the size of a Speedy 37 if they made one. Here is a pic showing the SC with a Speedy 30 if that helps.


    I also use a long LV strap with it (most of the time) can wear it cross-body this way, or as a longer shoulder bag.

  7. Thank you ETenebris:tup:
  8. I had the SC and returned it to get a Mono Stephen. It seems like the Stephen is bigger to me.
  9. You're welcome! According to Fashionphile, the Stephen is 13" x 10" x 7" and the SC is 14.3" x 9" x 7.9" if these are accurate measurements the Stephen is slightly less wide but taller than SC. You may also want to consider strap placement...on Stephen there are D-rings diagonally located on the top of the bag and on the SC there are larger D-rings located at either end of the zipper.
  10. Wow thank you. If I had all my money saved up, I probably would try and get that Stephen. It has a bit more flair to it. The SC kinda looks like a bigger speedy with keepall leather style.
  11. That it does! I love the Speedy, and the Carryall, and when the SC came out it was the perfect combination of both. But Stephen is also has the cute pleat, but also a LOT of vachetta. You can't go wrong either way!

  12. OMG, I love the SC! :drool:
  13. is the mono stephen still being sold in the LV boutique or online store? I dun recall seeing it at the boutiques...If it's still being retailed, how much is it?