Mono Stephen: Pros/Cons...Modelling Pics?

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  1. Hi all,

    I *may* be getting a mono stephen in the very near future (remember...I always wanted a big bag...thought maybe the Ursula...but in the back of my mind I really like the Stephen).

    So hit me gals & guys...pros & cons of this bag??????

    My pros: Versatile...handheld/shoulder/messenger

    Cons: So much vachetta!!!

    Does anyone have any modelling pics? I am 5'5 and about a US sz. 6-8.

    Do you think it's comparable in size to the Stratus GM?

    I tried the Leopard Stephen on once in the store just for giggles....and LOVED it...but my memory isn't so great and this was awhile back!
  2. I have a Mono Stephen and love it. It is a great bag. It fits a ton. I just recently used it again after a break (but now I am using my new speedy 35). The downsides: it is a heavy bag, IMO. But since you can use it with the shoulder strap, that helps. I find it heavy when I have it loaded, obviously though. The shoulder strap is not my favorite. It is bulky, I think it looks better without it. As a carry on, it is great with the strap. But I used mine as a daily purse. I found that I like my mono strap better for those times when I needed a strap, but most of the time, I use it without a strap.
    All in all, the stephen is one of my favorites!!!!
  3. Thanks mcG!

    Thanks for the link Traci!! I'll check those pics out!!!

    I am really leaning toward it because of the strap....I don't have any bags I can wear messenger style!
  4. [FONT=&quot]If you have a chance to get Stephen then do it, as it's sold out. I have three Stephens and love them all, although non have left the house yet. I am just so nervous they will get dinged or something. I am 5'1" and stephen looks just fine.
  5. Thanks LV!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just bought and paid for soon as he gets here (probably early next week) I'll be posting pics!!!!!!!
  6. I am 5'6 and Stephen fits perfect on me, certainly not a luggage bag like the pix suggested. Definitely get it while you have the chance, it's been long gone in the store. :yes:
  7. you got him ,congrats. you need to add him to the stephen club.
  8. Yeah twiggers!!!
  9. i got both the mono stephen and polly for xmas, and the polly was my favorite and i didnt think i would have much use for stephen, however its now one of my favorite bags. i think its perfect for shopping because you can just throw the shoulder strap across your shoulder and you dont have to worry about needing more hands to carry everything ;) im 5-8 but small in size and it isnt big, esp if you carry a lot of stuff with you...make a statement :smile: