Mono Stephen on eLux...

  1. i wish i could buy it....:drool:
  2. gosh, thanks for posting! Stupid Elux suppose to call me when they have it in stock!
  3. I want!

  4. Didja get it?? Its a great bag.
  5. I missed it, what is the price?, just curious.
  6. ^^$2070..not too bad!
  7. whoa. i thought it was ltd ed in stores only!
  8. me too.:sad:
  9. nope i didn't get it, i want the ivoire version, but it's ok, i can use the fund to get some cute Chanels ^^;
  10. I saw this last night..I was so tempted :lol:
  11. it's there again....:graucho:
  12. Still there...
  13. Someone please get it.