Mono Stephen - Any Out There?!

  1. Ok, so now looking at the pics of Jill's bag... I'm wondering if I'd like a Mono Stephen--it's like the look of the Speedy, but would be very cute saggy!

    Has anyone seen it at their LV store or LV boutique in a store (i.e. Saks & NM) in southern California?! I live in San Diego and really want to check out the bag in person.... Thanks in advance!
  2. LV in South Coast Plaza still has a couple. Call & ask for Josh, he's a sweety & can hook you up.
  3. Thank you!! They do! Wow. 866 VUITTON told me it was waitlist only!
  4. You can try 1-610-667-1550 ask for LV and then ask for NATALIE..they may have one left.
  5. The LV here at Fashion Valley has the leopard one..after seeing it in person, I really don't mind it as much as I thought I would. But neither that store nor the NM boutique have the mono one.
  6. SCP still had the leopard one this morning.
  7. Thanks LVbabydoll! I've checked out the leopard ones, but they don't do much for me... I think a mono version could work, but all that vachetta is a bit intimidating! Maybe I should hold out for another bag down the road... :P
  8. I was at Louis Vuitton SCP 2 hours ago, and they were sold out of the Monogram Stephen, but they still have the leopard one. Ask for Eleanor before she moves to Chanel!