Mono Speedy with Mono Shoulder Strap or Mono Speedy B?

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  1. Help! I am really loving the Mono Speedy with a separate Mono shoulder strap. Do you think it's ok to wear the shoulder strap attached to the handle brackets or should I go for the Mono Speedy B? It would be a size 30. I don't really care for the B because of all the vachetta leather at the sides. Any thoughts? Thanks so much.
  2. I would choose the speedy b..., like it better!
  3. It might be a little heavy for the 30 to have the strap on the handles. But I see others doing it. I will not myself and is the reason why I got the Speedy Bs instead.
  4. Its too much with the mono strap IMO, and i would be scared that it would harm ny bag. I would get the B, better safe than sorry
  5. I'd go for the Speedy B. It looks much more put together.
  6. I thought the Speedy wasn't designed to have straps attached? That's why they designed the Speedy B, no? I've seen threads where members have inadvertently damaged their Speedys when wearing it with the strap. My vote goes to Speedy B!
  7. I wouldn't attach the strap personally. Speedy b is a much better option IMO. I have also seen people that have ended up with damaged bags by doing this. Normal speedy should be hand held only - shoulder alternative is speedy b :smile: plus, if you then want to purchase a mono strap separately you can, and at least it will attach to the bag properly. Good luck!
  8. I would suggest you go with the Speedy b. By adding a strap it will be creating tension on two specific areas versus the other two not being supported by anything with the weight it will only be a matter of time before the canvas cracks. The speedy b was designed for the convenience of having the classic speedy with more carrying options. If you ask a LV SA they will advise you against it. GL
  9. Speedy B. You will harm you speedy just adding a strap to it.
  10. if you need a strap, get the Speedy B
  11. Thank you so much everyone. I'll take another look at the B.
  12. It really is worth the extra money. The Speedy B hangs much better than just adding a strap.
  13. Speedy B for sure if you are going to carry it crossbody. My SA advises against attaching a strap to the regular Speedy. The bag wasn't designed for that, and the weight isn't distributed properly. Both are lovely bags, but the Speedy B is super versatile!!
  14. I used to carry a Speedy with a strap before they introduced the Speedy B. I would definitely go with the Speedy B. Personally I think the regular Speedy looks off when carried with the strap. It twists the bag and pulls at the handles. Not a great look. The vachetta will age and look great after some time!
  15. I have the Speedy B DE and love it. I just don't love the lighter strips of leather on the sides of the Speedy B Mono. If I could see a picture of how it would darken it may help my decision.