Mono speedy with "legs"?!?

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  1. Okay gals, need a little help...I've seen some gals with speedy's that have round "legs" on the bottom of the this a vintage style I've never seen before or a bad fake? :confused1:
  2. Yeah... Speedys don't have feet. Big fake-y!!!
  3. that´be cool, if they did have legs, we wouldn´t need to carry them around they would be like little pets !! lol :smile:
  4. I think that would be scary. :crybaby:
  5. lol thats my exact thought - about the legs on a speedy if it could walk.
  6. I think any speedy with legs should walk straight to a bonfire and put its own self out of its misery!
  7. it is a fake for sure!
  8. :cursing: :cursing: fake
  9. Fake.
  10. Ewwww, I saw one of these once and it was awful.:yucky:
  11. are we talking about the little metal on the bottonm of some handbags that is used to protect leather, etc? I have never heard of those being called legs so I am picturing actual little legs lol. Any clarification or photos of this?
  12. Fakey McFake. I see them ALL the time at school unfortunately.
  13. I just saw one with feet last week and I was trying to not stare at them. :rolleyes:
  14. ditto
  15. Yes, she means the metal feet or legs at the bottom of the bag. Not real legs.:yes:
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