Mono Speedy owners!! I have a question

  1. What material is on the interior of the pocket inside your monogram speedy?
  2. Uhhhh...kinda canvasy??? It is a dark brown:smile:

    LOL hope someone else can give you a more educated answer!! :smile:
  3. Trimmed in leather:smile:
  4. OMG. I just got the Speedy I bought from eBay, which in all other respects looks totally real, and the inside of the pocket is definitely vinyl/plastic (the outside is canvas, the top of the pocket is vachetta). I am a bit confused and terrified now.
  5. Yes, the inside is a shiney vinyl. Not leather. HTH
  6. OH. Thank god. That freaked me out.
  7. I was seriously sitting here comparing the monogram canvas to my koala agenda and they look THE SAME. Everything about this bag is perfect but I never expected VINYL anywhere on a LV bag! As long as it's what everyone else has.
  8. are you able to post pic's ?
  9. Oh hehe.. I didn't even realise it was vinyl until I just looked at it right now. Shows how much I use my speedy. :shame:
  10. No I am at work. I can take pics when I get home though.

    My coworker has a speedy 25 also and I am trying to get her to bring it over to my desk.

    I am 99.9 % sure this bag is real, but I need to compare it to be sure.
  11. On both my speedies the inside of the pocket is lined very thinly in vinyl. I'm sure you have nothing to worry about! btw, both of mine came from the boutique.
  12. LOL I didn't know it was vinyl either!! I just figured it was like the rest of the material inside of the bag:smile:

    That IS leather though on the trim, right??
  13. Yes, the opening to the pocket is vachetta leather. This bag, according to the datecode, is about six months old, so the leather is beginning to patina.

    I checked out the details of the zipper, stitches, etc with some closeup photos here on tPF and they all check out okay.

    I have held/handled enough Speedies to feel confident about this, but I don't like being even 0.01% unsure. I think I may need to stick to the marketplaza from now on! ugh.
  14. good luck!
  15. Yep, mine is the same way...kind of a thin coating of vinyl inside the pocket. :flowers: