mono Speedy "Made In France"

  1. With LV bags being made in France, U.S.A. and Spain how difficult is it to buy one here that is made in France? Call me a purist but it makes a difference to me that an LV handbag is made in France. When I bought my Speedy 35 I got one that says, "Made in France." But now I want another size Speedy and if I go to the boutique I will ask them to pull out a few to see which one is made in France. Anyone feel the same way? Does it make a difference to you?
  2. yeah somehow it makes a difference. guess it's just nicer to have a french luxury bag made in france.

    if you have a good SA you can ask him/her to look if they have a bag made in france. i do that and my SA always looks through the whole stack to see if she can find one.

    good luck to you!
  3. Yes, doongee, I want to ask the SA if she will do that for me. I hope she doesn't think that I am being difficult. I agree that a French luxury bag should be made in the same country.
  4. I saw a 40 made in France and it was the last one left, I wasnt able to go back for it =[
  5. It doesn't make a difference at all to me. The quality/craftsmanship is still the same.