Mono Speedy Dilemma

  1. Hey Everyone!

    So here is my quandary...I already have a mono speedy 25, which thanks to Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, the handles are ruined! OK, well they're not ruined, but they're not in good shape.

    Anyways, I've been feeling that the bag is a little small for me and now I've convinced myself that I must add a monogram 30 to my wishlist (I also want it custom painted by LV and I feel the 30 is the perfect size to have painted, but that's another story)

    So, I could sell the 25 to help fund the 30, BUT here is where the dilemma was my very FIRST LV bag, purchased for me by my mommy and I really want to keep it for sentimental value...I plan to eventually replace the vachetta which will probably cost me another $300 or so.

    By keeping it, I am adding the eventual expense of the vachetta and I'm losing my immediate chance at purchasing the 30.

    I know I could just wait and buy the 30 in the future, damn impatience! lol, but I don't know how practical it is to keep two mono speedys one size apart in my collection. Especially because as a broke student, my funds for bags are limited and my wishlist is long...

    But that doesn't discount the sentimental value...

    I value my fellow tPFers opinions a lot, so...what do you guys think I should do?

    Also something related...I plan to get the Azur Speedy in the near future, but the 30 seems the most practical in this too. Is it wise to have multiple bags in the same size when, as I mentioned before, funds small, wishlist big?


    Sorry for the long post!
  2. Did you condition the handles after using the Mr Clean Magic Eraser? Try applying apple conditioner or another conditioner that TPF members use to add moisture back into the leather. I would hold onto the 25 for the reason it was your first LV and you Mom bought it for you. I would simply begin a savings for the speedy 30 and use the 25 in the meantime while you save. Hope this helps.
  3. I agree with southerncharm, I'd keep the 25 for the sentimental value and save up for the 30. You could alternate when you get the 30!
  4. keep the 25 and save up for the 30. i'm sure you'd regret it if you sold the 25! to make the handles look nice again, condition them or try 'leather new'. i used to use this stuff on my light-coloured saddle which was ancient, and it made it look fabulous! it will cause patina though...
  5. ITA! And to answer your question regarding multiple speedies, you can never have too many!
  6. Keep the 25, then go for the 30 later
  7. Keep the 25, try the conditioner as suggested. Save for your speedy 30.
  8. I had the handles, chads (where the handles attach) and pull tabs replaced on my speedy (everything but the piping, which is much harder to see). It was only 145.00 and looked like a brand new bag when it came back. I replaced mine as well due to using Mr. Clean magic eraser. No matter how much conditioning I used, they didn't feel smooth anymore and it drove me nuts.

    I'd take it in, since your sentimental about it, have done what I had done, and you'll have a beautiful bag that looks brand new for under $150.00.
  9. I'm a student too and I have three size 25 Speedys and a 30. I think they are all different bags.

    But I'm in the same dilemma as you are... I know I will eventually get a mono 35, but I'm so attached to the sentimental value of my 25.

    If you can bear parting with it, then sell it and get something you will use. I think the price of replacing vachetta on a 25 is too high.
  10. I have a lot of pieces that my parents contributed to, or that I bought in special places that I would just never part with because of the sentimental value. Keep them, the next owner won't have the same story connected to them - it's extra special for you !

  11. Great advice. I totally agree with southerncharm.

    I have thought about selling some of my collection many times but I just can't seem to part with them because of that same sentimental feeling.

  12. If you replace everything except the piping, it's only $145.00. Considering the price of a new speedy ($620.00) that's not too bad at all. My bag really looked gorgeous when they finished. It was the handles, chads, both end tabs and then my SA replaced the zipper pull. It looked brand new.
  13. Hmmm.... maybe keep it then! I personally don't find the 25 too small, I just like the look of the 35 (in other words, I don't need the room). If it is worth the replacement, then keep the 25.
  14. Keep the 25, it's your first and your mom bought it for you.
  15. this is what i'd do if i were in your situation:

    keep the mono 25, get the vachette replaced, and save up for a different LV
    bag. i like to see variety in my accessories to go with different outfits and