** Mono speedy 35 OR Damier ebony speedy 35 !!!?? **

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  1. hey guys, i want to finally get a speedy from lv shop, decided to either get a brown mono speedy 35 or a brown damier speedy 35, but i just cant choose one! and i cant get both yet lol..

    so need help choosing!!!

    FYI: im 168cmish tall, think that converts to bout 5,6, have light blond/caramel/brown underneath mix (long hair), medium size with bluey green eyes..

    r the 35s huge or would it suit my size as im tallish? i like bigger bags though anyway

    is there any probs with either i should know, or need to ask at the shop even? just any info would be good:smile:

  2. Go for mono
  3. Damier and the 35 is a great size!
  4. i think the 35 looks best in mono. and the 35 is the perfect size
  5. get the mono. it's classic. but if you tend to just be careless with your bags, then get the damier for low maintenance.
  6. I vote for the Monogram :smile:
  7. I would get mono as i think speedy looks best in mono. I'm not rly into Ebene yet. ;)
    If you want a more durable one, get the Ebene! Both are great bags, good luck!
  8. Mono
  9. I'm a damier fan, so I say damier!
  10. nah im real careful with my bags, i cover them in rain n all that haha, my bf just laughs at me lol... :P
  11. Damier I think the 35 will look great on you, i'm 5.2" and wear the 30 for reference!
  12. 35 in Mono!! Good luck!!
  13. 35 is not huge. i am 5'10" and i think it's perfect. if it's your 1st lv i would go for the mono if not, damier is perfect
  14. I am the same height with black hair and brown eyes and the Damier Ebene 35 Speedy is compliments my height and colouring. Unfortunately, the ebene veneer is not really that sturdy and I had mine sent it for repair for the scratched handles--the veneer was peeling off in several places. I've bought her brand new from a LV boutique and have only carried her for 12 days when I noticed this problem.

    I would suggest that if you can go either way, get the mono instead.
  15. Go for damier!