Mono speedy 30 vs mono tivoli gm

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Monogram LV speedy 30 or Monogram Tivoli GM

  1. Monogram speedy 30

  2. Monogram Tivoli GM

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I will be purchasing my first louis vuitton bag but I can not decide between the monogram speedy30 or monogram tivoli GM. I always wanted the speedy 30 but when I went in the store I also fell in love with the Tivoli GM. Please help me decide
  2. I think that for the first LV go for speedy. It's so clasy and alvays in fashion. But you nead to make the final decision in the store. whatever you'll choose those two bags are amazing and you'll be happy with it
  3. I would say speedy unless you need the extra room. If you are a big bag kind of girl, then go for the Tivoli GM
  4. I'm of no help so I didn't vote. The Speedy is classic and timeless go-around bag. The Tivoli GM is chic, roomy and very practical. You can't go wrong with either bag. Good luck w/ your decision and please let us know which bag you end up with.
  5. The Speedy's just a fantastic bag.
  6. I think it depends if you want a handheld bag or something you can wear on your shoulder.
  7. Get the speedy for your first. I waited and got other LV bags; this past Christmas I finally got the mono speedy 25 and I love it. I feel totally satisfied and complete with this bag right now. :smile:
  8. I vote Tivoli because it's a beautifully constructed bag and I see it less often than the Speedy. The Speedy is a true classic, though, as others have mentioned, and I do suggest you get it at one point or another :smile:.
  9. I'M A BIG FAN OF THE TIVIOLI!:drool::drool:
  10. I would say Tivoli GM. I also wish to purchase my 1st LV Tivoli GM but its out of stock for this time. Am in the waiting list:smile:
  11. I vote Tivoli, its different and I assure you, you will feel very special when you walk out with it and get loads of admiring glances. Get a Tivoli if you can get your hands on one, otherwise, a speedy is a good choice! Either way your first would be very special! Good luck!
  12. tivoli!!! it's such a beautiful bag.