Mono Speedy 30 or Damier Papillon 30?

  1. Hey all,

    I've been going crazy trying to decide so I've decided to turn to you all for advice:shrugs: :

    With the Speedy, it's Cheaper and casual but classic and great for everyday day time use, except that sooo many people have it and a lot of non-LV lovers will probably assume it's fake anyways.

    The Papillon is probably more my style cause I prefer Shoulder bags and it seems more feminine, but It just doesn't seem to look very comfortable from what I've seen others carrying it under their arms. Plus, it doesn't look as casual as the Mono Speedy.

    I just don't want to make a decision that I will regret the moment I bring the bag out:girlsigh: . But I am going through phases where I'll lean more towards one bag one day but more towards the other bag the next and I can't focus on work sometimes when I am battling the two out in my head:hysteric: ...(quite pathetic huh?)

    Thanks girls, I know you will all say what is good for me...:wlae:
  2. I think the papillon can look casual depending on what you wear. I personally like both bags but the papillon is a bit more comfortable to use since it can be worn on the shoulder and with the speedy you cant so it can get a little in the way when your shopping and stuff. heh. i probably wasnt of much help but i tried!!~ ^_^
  3. You said you like shoulder bags, but neither bag you mentioned is a shoulder bag IMO (however if you have skinny arms, it's great that you can get the papillion up to your shoulder, but it's still not meant to be carried that way). I say go for the papillion in damier because it's not something you see everyday.
  4. can yu get both? hahaha..speedy 30 vs pap 30 is very hard to decide...but pap can be very casual too like aesthetic said. it really just depends what you wear w/ it. i noe many ppl have a hard time deciding btwn the 2 so they just end up getting both =D but if you really really can only get one, i think you should get the damier pap 30.
  5. the Damier Papillon 30 is a shoulder bag. i wear it on my shoulder all the time, and it fits very well :yes:. personally i prefer the Papillon. the Speedy is a bit too casual, whereas the Papillon in Damier can be used for a lot of occasions.
  6. hehehe... i know it's not really a shoulder bag elongreach, it's quite uncomfortable really, but the 30 is quite big to carry on the arm, whilst the speedy 30 is quite happy to sag against my body, the papillon is so much more structured???

    thanks for your point aesthetic and dokugaku, I've seen it done before too but it's like wearing a trench coat with jeans, still a little formal...and hehe, doku, I wish I can buy both... not in the short term tho, my BF will officially disown me...
  7. yeux!!! long time no see! liking your new job? (sorry a little off topic)

    thanks for that too... I've seen your pics, and we're about the same height eh? I think I have fatter arms than you tho... hehe
  8. ha.... do NOT underestimate my arms. the muscles i had from my gymnastics days have softened, so when i press my arms to my sides its all arm and nothing else:roflmfao:.

    and yes my internship is going well. i only need to go in twice a week (16 hrs in total), which is a shame because i really being at the office. so the rest of the time i bum at home :lol:!
  9. it's not so bad ler... enjoy the bumming cause working fulltime sucks big time!!!
    For e.g. I haven't had time to have a facial cause I'm busy on weekends and the place I go to closes before I get off work...

    Glad you are loving the place so much tho...

    Ermm, u did gymnastics???Wow, puts you in a different light now...For some reason I tot you'd play tennis...intuition perhaps?
  10. i'm a gymnastics girl :yes:. i did all the girly stuff like ballet, gymnastics and swimming :lol:
  11. I'd go with the Speedy. It's cheaper, roomier and it's one of the few bags that's not a shoulder bag. I love it!

    But if you really prefer shoulder bags, seems like the Papillon is the one you should get.
  12. I love both, dont get me wrong.

    The Speedy is great, but too common, but I still love it!

    The Papillion looks better when you tilt the bag on the shoulder, so it sorta sticks out from the back.

    For you, I say Papillion, because I think they look greaaat on asian girls (everyone too dont worry!)
  13. I'd go with the Papillon.
    I dont have the Speedy...
    but my Damier Papillon goes everywhere with me!:love: