Mono Speedy 30 for daily use --> Vachetta???

  1. I've been going back and forth between the mono and damier speedy 30, for my first purchase.

    in the beginning I was all for the mono (it just made my :heart: skip a beat when i tried it!) then for the last 2 weeks I was quite set on the damier for the practical reasons (vachetta) and because it's more subtle...

    ...i've now been thinking about the mono again. However, if I'm spending so much on a purse I want to wear it on a daily basis. So my question is, if I were to use the mono on a daily basis how long would it take before the vachetta started to really show? not the pretty vachetta, but when it gets to the darker brown/well-loved stage.:confused1:

    Mind you, i'd mainly be carrying it on my arm, maybe 1/4 of the time in my hand, and I don't lather on tons of lotion, nor do my palms get super sweaty 90% of the time.

    Any help would be appreciated - thank you! :tup:
  2. patina occurs with exposure to air and sunlight. if you're going to be outdoors a lot, then patina will show much sooner.

    it really depends on where you live. my mom's bags have a much darker patina than mine since i was on the east coast for college.
  3. I use my mono speedy everyday, except when it's raining outside. I've had it a little over a month and the vachetta has hardly changed color.

    There is a lot of advice on the forum about cleaning the handles with non-alcohol baby wipes so they don't get black.

    I personally think that the mono line looks better with the honey/brown patina though so I am looking forward to the process. I will end up purchasing a damier bag soon though because I live in the midwest and I don't want to ruin my mono speedy by taking it out on snowy/rainy/sleeting days.

    But ultimately, you should get the bag that you like the best otherwise you will keep dreaming about it.
  4. this speedy is perfect for everday use.
  5. Yes, it's perfect for everyday. It takes awhile for it to patina.
  6. Definitely the ultimate every-day bag, IMO.:yes:
  7. I have 4 Mono bags w/ vachetta(including Speedy) and I carry them all the time. I also have a Damier Speedy that I've been rocking for a week now.
  8. it takes a few months for it to patina, but the vachetta is likely to get dark sooner because of dirt and sweat before it really devolop patina
  9. i got my speedy 30 in oct for my bday and used it pretty much everyday and it hadnt changed that much...but i just got a damier azur speedy a month or two ago...and its already as dark as my speedy 30 from oct...i think cause of the warm weather. im getting a damier speedy next month (bday again) for the up coming winter months!
  10. I bought my Cerise Speedy in Feb 2005 and it's barely getting dark. W/ the handles, I sprayed them w/ the tarp spray (from Wal-Mart, camping section)and I just wipe it off at the end of the day and all the dirt comes off from the handles.
  11. I would recommend getting the Classic Monogram Speedy. It's an amazing everyday bag and looks wonderful with a dark patina imo.
  12. It is a perfect everyday bag. Go for it! Just keep your hands clean and you should not have to worry about a DIRTY patina!
  13. I think if you occasionally clean it (i.e baby wipes or magic eraser) then you'll be fine. I actually used a transaparant shoe polish on my handles and it has created a extra layer on the vachetta which I definetly think helps with keeping rain from absorbing. If you ever carry it in your hand make sure your hands are clean! You'll be fine promise ! :smile: My patina started to happen quite quickly.. I left it in the window in the sun for a bit and it started to develop.

    Tip : if you ever find dye transfer on your bag.. (I had this cos the bag was brushing against my jeans occasionally) then use the eraser.
  14. thanks for the great tips and nput everyone!

    wantmore - i'm definitely going to check out that tarp spray - who would've thought!?

    juicebox - good tip with the clear shoepolish!
  15. Get the one that makes your heart POUND!!! Or over time you will end up with both anyway!!!