Mono Speedy 30 and a Mono Pouchette...

  1. Yiiiipppppppppppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....I placed my order and I am now awaiting my Mono Speedy 30 and a Mono Pouchette...I was going to order the Daimer Speedy 30 has well but, figured I would check out the mono speedy to see if I am a true fan. I hope that LV wins me over because I so love my guccissima leather large boston but, realize it is not a winter bag with extreme conditions.
  2. Congrats!! Be sure to post pics when they arrive!!
  3. Nice,i hope you turn sides and cheat on gucci loll..yes please post pics when you get them.
  4. nice..can't wait to see the pics
  5. :smile: Congrats! I am sure that LV will win u over!
  6. congratulations. im sure you'll like LV more than anything. lol.
  7. Congrats! I'm sure you'll love it! Make sure to post pics once you get it.
  8. congrats! u will love ittttttttttt
  9. Congrats! you will love it! prepare to become addicted!
  10. I am glad you went through with the purchase! I can't wait to see pics
  11. Congrats!!!
  12. Congrats! I used my mono Speedy 30 and mono Pochette (together) today

    You're going to love them :heart:
  13. Congrats! Post picks!
  14. Will post pics speedy and pouchette will be here in a few days...I want to put my Boston away for the winter and bring out something more durable. Today I saw a pic of my boston in forest green in a magazine and I was thrilled. I am going to scan the magazine pic and post it on the Gucci thread. LV has caught my attention and the people on this thread are so passionate about LV so, I had to get a speedy and pouchette and see what I think. I love the LV thread it is so lively and happening. When did LV become so mainstream? It only seems like the last couple of years that everyone is super into LV before that I thought it was an older persons line but, it is for everyone male/female any age...timeless....very excited to soon belong to the LV club!!!!!
  15. :wlae: CONGRATS guccci gal :yahoo: