Mono Speedy 30,35 or Neverfull MM

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  1. What would you suggest? I had the mono 30 but I sold her last year! Now I miss her! =) I am debating between the speedy (either the 30 or 35) and the neverfull mm. Any help would be great. Thanks :smile:
  2. Hmm, the Speedy is hand/arm-held with a zipper opening you can fully close, and the Neverfull is arm and shoulder but with an open mouth. Which would you use more of? I personally find the Speedy easier to use as an everyday bag, and in 30.

  3. That's what I can't decide. I don't have an LV close to me either, so I'll have to order it.
  4. Since you miss the Mono 30, you must have really liked her :smile:. Why not get it again? Did you find her too small and are looking to get the 35?

  5. I don't remember her being too small but I do like big bags so I was thinking I would try the 35. I actually bought a neverfull mm 3 weeks ago that I found on craigslist and I never received it or heard from the person again!
  6. I'd go with the Speedy 30 since you miss the one you sold!

    Good luck deciding!
  7. Thanks =)
  8. I agree def get the speedy. I have both the speedy and a Neverfull gm and I def like my speedy more.
  9. If you miss the Speedy, that's the one you should get, or you'll be missing it anyway instead of the Neverfull
  10. Go for Speedy 35 if you like big bags. Good luck w/ your decision.
  11. Go for speedy since you miss it. You can never be wrong with Speedy :smile:
  12. speedy 35!
  13. Having both bags, I can say....
    Speedy is a purse, secure with the zipper.
    Neverfull is a tote.......the top is wide open. I never feel safe carrying my wallet in it.

    So for me, Neverfull is not a "purse." I carry papers, books, work stuff in it only.

    I would go for Speedy, esp. since you've had her before and really like her.
  14. Mono Speedy 30! No contest.
  15. Speedy 35!

    I just purchased one and adoreeee it. Its perfect if you like oversized bags.

    If not go with the 30. good luck!