Mono Speedy 25 vs. Manhattan PM - HELP !!!

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  1. Hi..

    This is going to be my 2nd LV purchase.. My first one is MC Marilyn (White)...

    Which one should I go with? I love both...
    Speedy 25 because they're timeless and Manhattan because of the shape...
    I know I can't go wrong, but I need your opinion. (Also, I can't believe the Manhattan's price is about 2.5 times the speedy's.)

    If you can only have one of those in your life, which one will you buy?
  2. Okay ~ I say manhatten...such a beauty in its own right!:heart:
  3. speedy 25 because it's so classic and chic!!! Manhattan is also beautiful but if I only could have one I'd go for the speedy!!!
  4. get the Manhattan PM; it's so classy and elegant and much less common than the Speedy
  5. Mono speedy gets my vote.
  6. I would get the Manhattan PM, it's so stylish and pretty looking.:yes:
  7. The Manhattan Pm.... even though I find it a bit heavy even without anything in it.
  8. I like the Manhattan! Such a classy, distinctive shape!
  9. if you can only buy one...then it's the manhattan pm, hands down.
  10. I would go with the Speedy 25 -- classic, timeless, lightweight and oh, so beautiful.
  11. Manhatten for sure!
  12. No doubt, the Manhattan PM!!! Very very classy-looking and eye-catching! Mono Speedy is too common IMO...
  13. I agree! I love mine.;)
  14. Manhattan PM! They're sharp looking bags.
  15. :heart: manhattan!!!

    speedy 25 is too common IMO.....