Mono Speedy 25 or Manhattan PM

  1. Which is more versatile.... the mono Speedy 25 or the Manhattan PM. ? I love them both
    but don't know which one to go for. I already have the mono Speedy 35 for everyday and use it a lot. But the Speedy 25 is a totally different size and I can see using it for different purposes. Also, there is a big price difference. Also, I am not a Damier lover and really do prefer the mono canvas. So... what do you guys think?
  2. Manhattan PM, since you already have the speedy 35.
  3. If I could afford it, I would get the Manhattan PM in a heartbeat. I have the Speedy 25 and 30 and love them, but I sure do love the Manhattan!
  4. I suggest Manhattan PM, since you already have the Speedy 35. More, it's a gorgeous bag!
  5. Manhattan :smile:
  6. If funding is not a concern, I'd go w/Manhattan PM! :yes: Not to mention you already own a speedy 35
  7. Manhattan PM hands down, eyes closed, whathaveyou. it's an absolutely beautiful bag; it's still one of my favorite Monogram bags
  8. if you already have the 35..why don't you get the manhattan, and get the 25 when u have extra $ again?
  9. Manhattan PM for sure:yes:
  10. Have you considered a Damier Speedy?
  11. I love the Manhattan PM get it!
  12. I love the manhattan in both sizes, but they are just do darn heavy! I am going to have to say speedy!
  13. You guys are all so adorable! It's like having invisible shopping partners. So far the majority says Manhattan PM. But what is this about the Manhattan being too heavy?
  14. manhattan definitely.
  15. manhattan, since u have speedy 35