mono speedies with scarves,anyone?

  1. Hi everyone! I just bought a mono speedy 30, and would like to accessorize it with a scarf. Can those of you with scarves on your mono pieces post pics of them? I'd love to see everyone's creative combinations! Thanks!! ;)
  2. Here's mine with a coach silk scarf...

    Copy of TPF 017.jpg
  3. Here's mine with White Mc, red groom & Cerises
    Speedy with Cerises.jpg speedy with groom bandana.jpg Speedy with MC.jpg
  4. I was going to put my coach scarf on my speedy, but didnt know if it would looks weird. But now seeing your picture I'll do it.
  5. Here's my Mono 35 with the Leapord bandeau...:yes:
    new scarf.jpg new scarf 2.jpg new scarf 3.jpg
  6. I took 3 different pictures, with 3 different sized scarfs, so you can get an idea
    scarf 001.jpg scarf 002.jpg scarf 003.jpg
  7. My Speedy with an Hermes pocket square
  8. what do you think about mixing up different designers??? I mean a non-LV scarf on a LV bag for example???
  9. they all look great!!!

  10. Oooh! Leopard with mono is a great combination!!!
  11. I think it's totally fine; there are some cute examples above. Anything in the right color family... Though I probably wouldn't mix monograms (i.e. a mono coach scarf with a mono LV bag).
  12. Here are my pics of Speedy bags with scarves. I recently traded the Graffiti Speey off. Just the bag not the scarf. :heart:

  13. Thanks everyone! I have some great ideas now!
  14. everyones bags look great!