Mono Sarah Wallet...DISCONTINUED!?

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  1. So I've been saving for some time now to get a Sarah Mono wallet to go with my Artsy. I just happened to look online a LV and it's no longer there!! They have a mono with the envelope closure but I want the square one with the credit card pockets when it's opened. They have it in Damier but I want Mono!! :sad::crybaby::cry:

    Does anyone know if the Mono was discontinued? I'm saddddddddddd
  2. The updated version replaced the other one.... Sorry!
  3. I called the 866 number on the website last week and inquired about the new Sarah "envelope" style wallet as it was unavailable to purchase online. She told me she could order me one from the warehouse in NJ, and also mentioned that it came in the classic Sarah style in mono as well, even though I didn't see it on the website. May be worth calling just to make sure it hasn't been discontinued. She made it sound as if both styles were still available.

  4. Thank you!!!! I WILL call the 866 and maybe even my local store :smile:
  5. Im really starting to love the new Sarah wallet n really like that it has 16 credit card slots.. Does anyone know if it will be available in Pomme? right now its only available in Vernis amethyste and Lilas
  6. So the new version doesn't have the 4 slots in front?
  7. yes it does have the 4 slots in the front plus 6 more on the first compartment
  8. +1
  9. I preferred the old front (not envelope) but I do like the additional cc slots. I may need this in Pomme...

  10. So when you open the new version, there are still the credit card slots right there, in front?
  11. The classic version is still on the canadian site

  12. Yes! There is still 4 credit card slots in the front when you unsnap the wallet. The only difference between the old and new Sarah wallet is that there's an additional 6 cc slots and additional 2 pockets (1 inside and 1 outside on the back). The new Sarah is about $30 more but it's worth the extra cc slots and pockets just in case you ever need them.
  13. Im so glad I purchased the old Sarah wallet in April but really wished that they're kept the old style flap with the added cc slots.
  14. I have the same thought as you... so I made a call day ago
    they told me they have one left in my country so I have to hurry up:sad:

    hope you can get yours :smile:
  15. I prefer the old style. I hope you can find it if that's what you are looking for.