Mono Riveting

  1. After looking at some post on this forum, now I'm back contemplating if I should get the mono riveting if there's still one available. :confused1::confused1::confused1:
    My hesitation is: the price and the boxiness of it. But I love the details on mono and the zipper and the plate on the front.
    I'm also planning to get ivory epi in montaigne PM and the quilted leather frame bag later...

    Is the epi ivory supposed to be part of permanent collection? Or is it seasonal like pomme? Maybe I could hold off buying the epi ivory for a little bit...

  2. It's mostly sold out, get it if you can
  3. It's a gorgeous bag!

  4. Is that supposed to be a tease? :p
  5. i'm getting it later this week! it's beautiful!
  6. I say get it if you still can!!! :nuts:
  7. It is a nice looking bag but it is too boxy for me. If you have hesitation maybe you should not get it. Have you seen it in person?

  8. :p I've finally decided to keep mine. The only hesitation I had was the vachetta, but I'm over it now. Have you seen it IRL? It is just a tad boxy, but I know the canvas will soften up in time. I didn't care for it at first (pictures), but when I saw it at the boutique, I had to have it!:graucho:
  9. It's definently still available. Call 866 and you can order it right from them.
  10. Can you return it to your local Vuitton store if 866 locates one for you?
  11. Definitely!
  12. get it.. i love mine to does soften with wear too!!!
  13. i like the boxiness. i just don't like the price!
  14. I didnt care to much for it when I saw it in the look book so I didnt get on the wait list. I popped into the LV boutique and saw it IRL and fell in love with it! My MIL really liked it too!

    I have to agree that the bag is a bit boxy and the handles are a bit stiff. The SA said that the handles will get softer in time so Im not worried about it at all. I say.........get it!!! :smile:
  15. There was still a bag at the Ala Moana LV store when I went on Saturday. Real pretty bag and if I had the funds I would get one...but I really love the black one. It is stunning!