Mono Riveting Bag w/ Patina

  1. So, I am still vacillating whether or not I am going to keep this bag. I was curious what it would look like with patina. For those who have this bag, here is a picture. It is a pretty bad photoshop job, I could not keep my hand steady...

    Anyway, here it is...
  2. i want one :yes:
  3. Thanks for sharing!
  4. O you HAVE to keep it! Isn't it so pretty?? I can't stop looking at mine!

  5. It is a beautiful bag and I keep admiring it. I'm just chicken when it comes to vachetta. I don't mind the handles, but the bottom corners scare me a bit. ...:shame:
  6. Love it. need to add this bag to my collection
  7. Don't be scared. I was the same way with any of my LE purchases. But it's like a new car. That scratch it inevitable no matter how hard or how far you park.

  8. You're too funny! But you're right.... Did you get one after all?
  9. Oh gosh, looking at all your riveting bags makes me want one too...need to change my want list. I have the pochette but still want more rivets, lol. I 'overheard' people commenting to their friends about how they've never seen LV in this style before :smile:
  10. its lovely! you are lucky to get one so i say keep it! im sure if you do sell her you will want one back straight away! x
  11. It looks even more beautiful with patina......
  12. Personally i dont think its going to look any different then any other monogram bag when it starts to patina. I think they look great and well loved.
  13. I love this bag -- still haven't gotten it because I am on the fence too. But with the pockets, that huge open space and the gorgeousness of the bag, I say KEEP IT! I love it!
  14. Love the bag- your photoshopping looks great too!
  15. Nice photoshop. I say keep it!