Mono Riveting available again!

  1. Hi,Ladies! I don't know if any of you still are still looking for the Mono Riveting but I just found out that some stores got some new shipment 2 days ago. I called LV for another bag and happened to mention that I wished I had gotten the Riveting when it came out. My SA called me back and said she found one for me. LV supposedly shipped 30 around the country. Good Luck.
  2. Thanks for the imfo.
  3. Thanks for passing this along...
  4. I am glad others who want this bag have a chance to get one, but I am confused by the 'new shipments'. I bought mine a few months ago. I so was so happy to have found it and was told it was the last one in the country. Now there is a new shipment and it is even on eLuxury? I hope this bag isn't becoming permanent. I bought it as an LE piece.
  5. It's true. I don't know how they decided which stores got one (my LV store is NOT one of the larger ones) but when I was shopping at my LV last week (trying to beat the price increase) my SA told me they would be getting 2 in the next week. But then 15 minutes later the manager brought two out. Of course, one came home with me!:tup:
  6. I know-we bought ours around the same time as I remember and they had just gotten a new shipment then-(the end of May) I think they must have had reserves or something and it will still be an LE. I love mine either way(although i've put it away until fall pretty much to use my white mc ursula) But it is a little crazy how they keep coming in. When I first started looking for one I was told they were definently all sold out and no way would any more be available!!!:confused1:
  7. I am quite confused as this bag is listed in their webbie as one of the mono items, so I kept thinking it was a permanent bag. When I finally wanted to buy it it became out of stock and then I was informed it was LE. Gah. Then the new shipments are giving me hope, I was still informed that it's for the USA only. GAH.
  8. I'm sure they didn't lie to you, it probably was in fact the last one in the country at the time.
    Even for LE, I'm sure they only produce a set number of stock, sometimes they produce more than other more LE items, and maybe the bag's just not as popular in some other stores and a lot of stock is left so they gather the "leftovers" and send them to a few countries where the bag was popular when it was still available.

  9. too lainie63. Mine hasn't even come out of the box!:yes: