Mono Pouchette Tulum???

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  1. Do any of you have this? What do you use it for? I think its cute:love: but i dont know what to put in it..cellphone:confused1:
  2. I DID have it, but returned it.. it's PERFECT for your cell phone!
  3. why did you return it??? im debating between this and a mono pochette
  4. you'd prolly get more use of a mono pochette rica! I think the pochette tulum would fit a regular size cell phone, or lipgloss and some money!

    pochette can fit all the above and more!!! you really won't regret it! I'm thinking of getting a mono pochette also..(used though...)
  5. get the mono pochette..its very practical, I love mine...
  6. I have it and I clip it to the outside of my LV bags to hold my cell phone. It can hold more than that, but not much more. Plus, I thought it was really cute!
  7. i think the mono pochette is more practical and can carry more stuff. but the pochette tulum is really cute. tell us what you decide to get, rica.
  8. The Mono Pochette is more pratical...
  9. i have the Pochette Tulum, and i only use it as a cell phone case
  10. tough choice...the tulum pochette is super cute as a cellphone holder...BUT the mono or dami pochette is more practical..hmmmmmm:confused1:
  11. i would go for the pochette

    i just got one and it's adorable and practical for those days/nights you don't want to carry your larger bags :smile:
  12. maybe it'll fit a cell phone, i-pod or even a small camera :smile:

    it's really cute though!!