mono pouchette or damier Azur pouchette

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mono pouchette, damier azur pouchette

  1. mono pouchette

  2. damier azur pouchette

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. which one i should choose?:confused1:
  2. Voted for damier how fresh it looks:love:
  3. azur...looks nicer! If you want mono, I would get something like the cerises or panda...something cute on the corner so it's not too plain.
  4. Azur!
  5. Another vote for Azur!!
  6. I love everything Azur!!:love:
  7. get the Azur; it's not as common or faked the death as the Monogram
  8. Azur. :love:
  9. i had to make the same decision as well

    i picked the azur!!
  10. I think the Damier Azur pochette is very cute!:yes:
  11. Azur!
  12. Azur!!!it's so cute
  13. Azur is cute, mono is more durable...
  14. I like both, but depending on the size of your collection, I think the mono will have more longevity as a classic, but if you already have several mono pieces, the azur is refreshing change.
  15. i voted for mono but i take that back. i read it wrong, i thought you were asking about the mini pochette. Go for the AZUR!