Mono pop scarf

  1. Just seen the new scarf on lvuk what do you think - it looks really pretty :tup:
  2. i have white lv scarf with coloured monogram..and it look very pretty...and i bought my mom grey lv scarf..
  3. omg and the sweet love scarf - have you guys seen them - loads of new scarves on lvuk
  4. Does anyone know is the UK LV ships to the USA??
  5. aww Rebecca you're like my own little PR thanks for posting the link!
  6. Vuitton UK doesn't but the US version of the site will they should be up on there soon
  7. oh cool had not seen that - have you senn there is a new purple sweet headband too ?? price increase on that aswell was 150 pounds now 160 pounds - therefore assuming they will have a purple sweet ring coming out too etc