Mono pop of color help and other musings


Aug 20, 2014
I totally redid my collection the last 4 months. I had bags i had bought 2 years ago and they had sat unused, not used once. So i shook things up and sold a LOT of my bags. I wanted to revamp to get a decent collection of things i love and will use often. I decided i need max 2-3 Azur and the same amount mono pieces. I settled at 2 and sold my Azur speedy. I sold All my mono ( except Keepall and SLG) and re-bought a new Neverfull MM just before Christmas.
Now I love the kimono and the Gaia. Do i need both? I love the pop of color on the mono, are there any other suggestions? I wonder if i should get the Gaia and forget the Kimono as the red handles may not wear well and maybe add a classic mono speedy to round off the 3 pieces being the Gaia, NF and Speedy?

Another last question, I did sell my Black leather Speedy cube, even though i did LOVE this bag and used it a lot, i did not like the fact Leather does not wear well and needs maintenance as it gets older. My question is do i replace with mother black bag as i do need one, if so what? or do i get another make for the black like a Prada/Chanel?

I know this is long but i truly appreciate all advice,

Thank you!!!

Alma Vernis Rouge Grenadine PM
Eva Damier Azur
Delightfull MM Azur
Neverfull MM Piovine lining
Keepall 55 Monogram
Speedy 35 Damier Ebene
Speedy 35 Aquarelle Watercolor
Speedy 30 cube in Black.
Emilie wallet Monogram.
Sarah wallet Damier Azur.
Poche toilette 26 Monogram.
Poche toilette 19 Monogram
Louis Vuitton Charm.

Chanel gold flap caviar.
Prada silver snakeskin evening clutch.
I LOVE my empriente speedy. I'd suggest adding one of those. The leather will eventually soften over time, but it doesn't take away from the look of the bag since the speedy is a slouchy type of bag anyway. Or, you could do an artsy in Empriente.