mono pochette questions

  1. hi girls...i need your help...

    my aunt gave me her old monogram pochette...its really old but its fine with me...why would i say no to an lv right? :graucho:

    my questions are...since its old...

    1. how can i clean the hardware?? its faded and dirty.

    2. the handles are dark and have some white stains on it...will babywipes
    clean it a bit??

    3. is it possible to bring it to lv and have the tabs and handles changed??
    if i buy new handles for will not go with the darkened tabs right?

    thanks in advance! :kiss:
  2. You can definitely get the strap changed. It is easy to purchase on its own. The tab, on the other hand, may take a while since LV will have to take it in for a repair. They can also replace the zipper and pull, if you like. The fee may not be worth it though. I'd clean the leather with baby wipes and if it's not looking so good, then I'd use it as a makeup case to keep things orderly in another bag.
  3. if i have the tab changed and buy new straps..will it cost the same as buying a new pochette?
  4. It'll be less.. and since there isn't all that much vachetta, it shouldn't be that significant an amount.
  5. thanks ayla...ill try to call our local lv store and have them quote me a price :smile:
  6. make sure you take before and after pictures !
    We like pics !
  7. ok...ill try the baby wipes first...will post before and after pics :smile:
  8. cool can't wait fo the pics..
  9. wow can lv replace the leather on any of thier bags??

  10. Yes..any leather, zipper etc.. just take it to the store and the SA will give you the ballpark cost. As long as the bag/wallet never been "fixed" by non LV repair dept.
  11. hi are the pics as promised :smile:

    these are before the baby wipes:
  12. these are taken after the first baby wipes session
  13. after 3 sessions :smile:
  14. looks so much better now..........
  15. The before pictures made it look like the leather was moldy :throwup: Just shows that using baby wipes really works!!