Mono Pochette Or Zipped Purse Wallet?

  1. Please help me decide! I don't own a LV wallet and these are the 2 I was checking out which one and the other question is it worth the money for a wallet? Thanks!!
  2. i have about 7-8 LV wallets *yes, i'm pretty crazy!*.....and i've been using mono pochette non-stop for a while, one of the best wallet ever!!!!!!

    get it~~~~!!!!:tup::heart:;)
  3. Pochette. Very practical. Get it, you'll love it. You'll never regret getting LV.
  4. Pochette!!!! I have it and love it. When you open it up everything is in plain sight. You can stash receipts and extra little papers. Also, the feature on the front (upon opening the wallet) allows you to keep the 4 credit cards that you use most often. And.... it has expandable sides so if you fill a little too much the wallet adapts to your stuff. Get it!
  5. Another vote for the Pochette.
    Absolutely worth it.. LV wallets are very durable. I have monogram one that i bought over 7 years ago and it still looks great..
  6. Zipped purse! Its soo nice IRL!
  7. POCHETTE wallet is the best!
  8. I would get both! Okay, that's not what you wanna hear, but I really can't choose. Both are timeless and you won't regret buying either of them.
  9. I think it's up to whether you like button or zipper...
    I have just checked out the LV site - and it seems like that the zipped purse doesn't have room for that many credit cards. I think that zippy wallet has a lot more - looks a lot like pochette wallet.
    But I would go for the zipper...
    Good luck on your purchase
  10. I really like the pochette as welL!! Another vote :smile:
  11. I love the feedback!! Thanks I am going to Chicago in a couple of weeks and it is so much easier to have some ideas before heading into the store! Keep letting me know which you think is the best! Thanks
  12. I love my zippy wallet!!!!