Mono Pochette or Recital? Any opinions?

  1. Hi There,

    I'm still a little new here and wanted to get some expert opinions. I have a Speedy and a Vavin and am looking for something small that I can carry at night when I go out or possibly for sporting events/vacations and other places that I don't want to carry my other bags.

    I'm torn between the Recital and the Pochette and wanted to hear what others thought of theirs. Any opinions would be appreciated ;)

    Also, Can you carry a Pochette over your shoulder?
    Does the Recital look to formal?

    Thanks so much!! Jennifer
  2. I would probably pick the recital. I don't think it looks overly formal either - it can change depending on your outfit.
  3. Ok... the pochette is not made to be carried as a bag. It is made to go inside another bag. I would get the recital if you want a small purse! The denim mini pleaty is a good choice too!
  4. I have both bags. The pochette can most certainly be carried as a hand bag or shoulder bag. Neither is too formal. Personally, I like my Recital best because it fits more things than a pochette. I've taken the Recital on several vacations and never regretted it. Love it!

    So, I choose the Recital.
  5. My only experience between the 2 is with the pochette, and if it's too tight on your shoulder, you can add the key extender. It's versatile and reasonably priced !!
  6. recital is a great bag
  7. The recital! I love the red lining.
  8. Thanks so much for the opinions. I have one more question...does anyone have a picture of the pochette with the key extender?

    Thanks again!
  9. Pochette is more functional IMO, you can use it alone as a little bag or as a pochette inside an other bag!
  10. I have both. The Pochette is too small for me and I don't like it, that it's so closed under my arms (also with an extender it isn't comfortable for me!). The Recital is a real little bag, i love it! It holds a lot and I like it, that it "stands" on the table. The Pochette isn't structured like the Recital, for me it's only for my Make-up and Pills to put in a big bag. That's what the Pochette is made for from LV.
    Go for the Recital!:tup:
  11. I'm so glad that you mentioned that it "Stands" on the table. I never thought about that, but it really finalized it for me!! I think the pochette is cute but I like that fact that the recital is more like a structured bag. Thanks so much!!