Mono pochette on Let-Trade

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  1. Okay, I've been looking to get a new big bag since my old one broke down. I've had my eye on getting a big LV bag, since it'll be my first :P and I wanted something very functional and versatile. I've been spending ridiculous amount of time on this forum trying to decide between cabas piano, batignolles horizontal, or the SO, in the mean time, has been rolling his eyes at me and telling me he doesn't understand why so many girls like LV and how it's been faked to death, etc. After many days browsing this LV forum, last night he catches me looking at all the gorgeous pics you guys provided in the visual aids section, he spots the mono pochette on daffyduck (i believe), and he's like, oh that's hoootttt...get it get it get it!!!! I was like :wtf: Needless to say, I'm now practically dying to get this, and it's looking cuter and cuter by the second :shame: Since it's not in my budget plan (since i've been saving for a big bag), I'm hoping I can get it off the whole point of this long story is to ask what kind of condition you guys think the mono pochette on let-trade is in? Sorry I couldn't link or save the pictures...
  2. PS. As a side story :P last night i was telling him the story about how iccug15 went into a coach store and had women call her bag fake, expecting him to tell me yet again how that proves I shouldn't get LV because it's been faked to death, etc. But instead he says, so what? really, if you enjoy it and you know it's real, that's all that matters. I was like :wtf: who is this guy?! hahahaha - just shows you the effect LV and this forum you in without you even realizing :yahoo:
  3. Its an older pochette but looks to be in good condition.. :yes:

  4. [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    here you go
  5. YAY! your SO is a convert!!

    anyways, i have heard of so many people getting good deals on ebay for their mono pochettes so ya might want to try that (but def get it authenticated here first!). the one on let-trade is in a great condition for the price i feel. however, pochettes aren't that expensive so i would spring for a completely new piece myself.
  6. Oh! You're clearly much more technically advanced than I am :P Thanks!!!!
  7. Yeah, I was thinking that you have one? Only reason I was thinking of getting it used was because I really want to spring for the extender, which is like $110..:confused1:
  8. i bought a damier azur pochette (love it!) a month ago? anyways, maybe ya could get a brand new pochette, and score an extender on ebay? i have seen some go for as low as $50! of course, do whatever is within your budget, that's the most important thing (:

    hope ya make a decision soon, in time for christmas! good luck!
  9. I think that pochette is in relatively good condition, and you can always look for an extender on eBay as well...sometimes they go for really cheap.
  10. Daffy does look hot in that visual aids thread, isn't that the one where she has the extender too??? You should get the keychain / extender too; I think it gives the bag a really tough look, here's a really stoopid question, what does SO stand for, oh (significant other)... just figured it out... never mind...
  11. That's SOOOO funny, that guys will look at the pics and then say, oh okay, GET IT!!! Men are such visual creatures, sistas, keep those hot pics coming, we need em for convincing... pug, take notes....:shrugs: :idea: :shrugs:
  12. Yeah, after constantly seeing his "that's lame" looks whenever I talked about LV stuff, his sudden change of attitude was seriously like :confused1: I was even like, well if I get it, what can i use in place of the extender (since it's so expensive), and he was like, no you MUST get the extender! I was totally flabbergasted.:wtf: ....but I love it - lol!!
  13. lol.... I'm so glad I don't have a man in my life right now, sorry, but they have just worn me out... that is so funny. Definately get the extender,,, I'm also dying for one of those...

    just remember, visual aids...
  14. Maybe a new pochette? They are not that expensive.