Mono Pochette Cosmetiques - keep or return?

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Which to pick?

  1. keep the mono - it's a classic

  2. go damier - less upkeep

  3. pick something fun! vernis, mc!!

  4. go damier azur - you'll want to match in the long run

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Hello LVers, I'm having a bit of a conundrum and would like some advice! I am the proud new owner of a Azur Speedy 30 (it is lovely :heart:), but of course I couldn't just stop with my new bag! I wanted to buy an accessory to go with it. After deliberating I settled upon the Pochette Cosmetiques in mono because I thought it would be the most universal choice. I could easily toss it in any of my bags and always carry a cute LV piece with me, and I always carry a makeup bag, so it would come everywhere. It arrived today and it's really cute, but since this will be my only accessories purchase for awhile, I want to make sure I have no doubts! Again, I like it, but the interior is a really light khaki color (good for finding items, bad for keeping clean) and I have to wonder whether it's too pedestrian a choice (ie, I could buy any old makeup bag and use it, why not get something more flashy/exciting). What do you guys think?

    Here are my options as I see them:

    -Keep the mono, it's classic, I like it, it's a sensible addition to my bag wardrobe.

    -Exchange for the Damier Pochette Cosmetiques, which has a darker interior.

    -Exchange for something flashy and fun - vernis or mc cles, etc, even if it won't get used as frequently.

    -Get Damier Azur accessory instead (mini pochette?) to match the Speedy - matching accessories will look better in the long run.

    The only things I wouldn't want to exchange the makeup bag for are a pochette accessories (I wouldn't use it outside of the bag and don't really want something that big inside of my bags) and a wallet (I've already decided that I want a damier koala wallet and will be saving for it this fall). What do you think? Thanks for the input!
  2. Pics! Both bags together (aww, how cute!) and the interior of the pochette.

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  3. I would keep mono cosmetique:yes:
  4. i would keep it. goes well with everything.
  5. I have one in Mono that is 17 years old - the interior still looks good (just has some fraying along the where it is hemmed along the zipper). Unless it has changed over the years, the interior is a material that can be wiped down with a damp cloth...

    Mind you, I haven't had any makeup disasters inside the bag as far as spills, etc.
  6. keep it it's really functional
  7. cool, thanks for all of the advice! I'm glad to know that cleanup is easy with it, I was a little concerned!
  8. --I thought yours looked smaller than mine - the one I have is abt 10 x 7, I don't even know if they make that size any more. But anyhoo, if the linings are the same, I have had no problems.
  9. ^^I was curious so I measured...mine is about 7 inches by 4.5 inches, so it is definitely smaller.
  10. It is definately a keeper.
  11. Keep it! It's a classic piece!!!
  12. hi van! i'd keep it as well...mine is 10 years old and looks brand new.very durable and functional as well. if it gets messy from a makeup opening up inside , a baby wipe usually takes it right away....:tup:
    now, another suggestion might be the poche toilette 19--same price, about same size, but looks cute carried as a clutch as well:yes:
  13. I would keep it.
  14. It's a lovely piece, definately a keeper.
    Now you've made me want one to go in my mono speedy 30!
  15. I would keep it -- it's a classic beauty. But if you really are worried about the inside, then I would go with the damier ebene version and then you could have both shades of damier together.