MONO Pochette Bosphore or DAMIER Pochette Melville

  1. What do you guys think about the new DAMIER POCHETTE MELVILLE? I was debating between the mono pochette bosphore or the damier pochette melville?
  2. no one replied to this thread? im thinking about this too! :smile:
  3. Anyone?
  4. I have the Mono pochette Bosphore and ADORE IT!
  5. jill! you're an angel for replying! :yes: haha! do u have a modelling pic of the bosphore? have you seen the pochette melville? :smile:
  6. ^ I actually like the damier one too.I think either one is a great can go wrong.I dont have any modeling pics..Lost camera charger..when I get a new one..Ill take a pic for ya
  7. I like the damier melville.
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