mono pochette accessoires or recital?

  1. needing an evening bag.

    is pochette acc. too "teenage girls" now?
  2. i love the pochette.
  3. I just posted about the recital before I saw yours. I personally think the bag is a very young look (I'm over 40 so...) I was up at LV today and saw the recital and I liked it 'cause it was very structured more like a real bag. However, if you want just as evening bag, the beverly clutch is gorgeous.
  4. Between the Recital and Pochette .... I would get the Recital. :yes:
  5. Go with the Recital!
  6. recital! it's a bit more substantial, imo.
  7. The recital is pricier, but well worth it IMO ($285 for the pochette and $500 for the recital). Far fewer people have them and I love that they're more structured than the pochette. Plus the patch pocket inside is very functional.
  8. I like the pochette better.
  9. I would go with the recital, everyone has a pochette
  10. Sorry- I like the pochette better. I am 28 and lean more towards the samller bags. Actually love all the pochettes!
  11. Go for the Pochette as it is for evening wear.
  12. I love the recital but I prefer a pochette accessoires because you can use it as a cosmetics bag inside your larger bag when not needed for evenings, so it is more versatile.
    Good luck on deciding!
  13. I like the recital better than the pochette.
  14. I like the pochette better.
  15. I like the pochette much better. But both bags are great. Splurge and get 2! Then you will have 2 great evening bags:graucho:. To make the pochette less "teeny" take the strap off! Simple as that. And it looks better that way, IMO.