Mono perfo cles, what do we think of it?

  1. I've been planning on buying this, I use cles everyday and love to switch off, they're just so useful to me...So I'm in the new Atlantic City LV store with husband on Saturday and he tells me he doesn't like it at all! not at ALL! I showed him pictures, asked him which color, but in person he told me he thinks I should wait. I just like to get something special edition every year and love the pop of color, would you let this one pass for the next special edition cles to come out?
  2. As i have just got my prefo cles, i am too excited by it, i have used it everyday (tomorrow im getting a key cut to match the orange color of it) i find it great cos it fits my phone (razr) and a few cars and folded cash, i dont want to put coins in it beacuse i dont want to dirty the lining i am planning on getting amother regular cles (or mirror if they make it) next year
  3. If you really love it GET IT lol:yes: ...before they're gone:Push:
    PS you're so pretty!!:girlsigh:
  4. Thank you! I just have to keep thinking about it, my husband really threw me off, I thought he liked it and he usually never says he doesn't like something I want to get, I'm sure I have a little time, and the other thing I'm not so sure about is that it's a little bigger than the regular cles, which may be a good thing for some people, but not for me when it's hanging off of my already too big key chain with 100 keys on it......
  5. Mmmmm...maybe wait for the Groom range cles then ,I am.;)
  6. It's a fun piece and if it tickles your fancy go for it! I was tempted to get it, just for the sake of getting it but decided I should save my money to buy another messenger bag hehe...although that doesn't necessarily stop me from wanting to buy it!
  7. :yes: i say go get it! its a cute piece girl:yahoo:
  8. I've got an orange Perfo Cles, and I love it. It's so cute. I figured it's limited edition, so it's better to get it now than want it later and can't find it.
  9. Haven't seen/heard about this one, can anyone enlighten me??
  10. I think they are so cute!! I love the orange and the pink. I say get it before their gone!!!
  11. I've got the orange cles and I love it!
  12. Buy the Perforated!
  13. If you really like it, then I say get it...You can always sell if you change your mind. I know what you mean though, whenever my BF says he doesn't like a bag I want, it always makes me second guess myself.

    Personally, I'm not a fan of the perforated line. Although the cles isn't bad. I just can't stand the larger bags.
  14. I really want to get one in orange!!!! All of my accessories are orange (Hermes and Goyard) and I need something LV and orange. :lol: I am also thinking about getting the rond from the Groom line or the cles when it comes out this fall. :flowers:
  15. go for it!! how funny is this i was in the AC store on saturday night! with my mom and parents!
    its werid cuz my bf hates my spending habits or shall i say he likes my stuff but thinks i get it to often but told me i should get the cles in green that he thought it was soooo cool!!!! in that i was like huh, ru kiddin me!!
    im thinkin about a speedy in green or pink...not sure though