Mono perfo: Cles or plate? / Is there a fringe pochette?

  1. Hi guys, I´m really keen on getting a perfo accesoire as some of you know, I was sure I was goning for the perfo cles but now I´m thinking about the plate. I ike the cles because I could use it as a little wallet, just for some cash, my scool ID and one CC, and its more practical to store in the bags of my pants. But I also like the plate, even I don´t know for what I could use it. I think its too flat for a clutch/pouch since I´m thinking bout another pouch to use besides my wapity, but its too big for a wallet.
    If u have one or both pieces could you tell me for what do you use it? that would be really helpfull.

    Besides, I wanted to know if there is a real fringed pochette. My sister wanted a fringe collection and I saw an eBay seller who had one, he claims it to be auth and that he has the receipt fom Hono-lulu or somewhere in Hawaii, he sells the pochette and the bucket and I can read in the recepit the only bucket. I looked at for the pochette but I can´see it. Is it possible to be a fake? hat would be SO fast!

    hope u can help me, thanks!:flowers:
  2. I think the little pochette you're referring to is the one that comes with the bucket bag. Kind of like how you get that little papillon pouch when you buy a papillon 30.:idea:
  3. I thought that first, but it´s bigger than the pouch that comes with the bag, its a pochette independent fom the bucket. Because he has 2 auctions, the first with the bucket and the little pouch attached, and another with the pochette itself. I´m sure it is because of the size and the strap.
  4. Ahhh, okay, I didn't see the auction...hmm...I'm not sure if a pochette is part of the fringe collection...sorry:sad:
  5. Me neither, maybe he has already sold it... well i´d rather it here in mexico he have a "common phrase" that says

    Eye that can´t see, heart that can´t feel hehe.
  6. The person proably bought 2 buckets, 1 to sell and one to keep, the one they are keeping most likely they wont use the pochette that comes with it so they are selling it...
  7. I have the Perforated Pochette Plate, and I love it. I use it as a small makeup bag. I've got lip gloss, lip pencil, lip balm, and hand cream in it right now. I like how it's flat, so it doesn't take up much room, but it holds small items neatly.

    Of course, now I want the Perforated Pochette Cles too!
  8. I have the Perf plate and I use it constantly. It is really useful and I love how much it holds. Much more bang for your buck in my opinion.
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