Mono papillon over 30???

  1. Dear LV-experts,

    i have been in several events during the last week and i saw a lot of chic ladies with the 30 mono papillon... Does it appropiate to wear if you are over 30??? or should i go with the alma instead of???
    (Ones an SA told me, the papillon is only appropiate for young crowds)
    i am looking for a bag i can carry for presentations, trendy events etc...(mostly after work, so i dont have time to go home and change my bag...)
  2. I don't think that the Papillon is only for the younger crowd... I think anyone can rock this bag! Plus, pay no attention to that SA... that's just his opinion. Who cares if someone says that the older crowd can't carry a certain type of bag... just as long as YOU like it, that's all that matters!
  3. How much over 30? I think that's the key. I probably wouldn't wear it over 45.
  4. I have the papillon in damier and my mom borrows it sometimes. My mom is in her fifties and she looks great with it! She rocks it like I do (I'm 22) :p
    So, if you like it, you'll wear it well IMO.
  5. I'm 43 and carry my papillon 30 on occassion. I don't use it often not because I think I'm too old to carry it but because it really isn't big enough for my personal taste.

    I think any Louie is acceptable to carry at any age...besides who cares what others think anyway??
  6. just right over 30:smile:...
  7. i think it is a classic bag and it isn't made for one age group
    just buy it, the sa is wrong in my opinion ;)
  8. I prefer Mono Pap 30 instead of Mono Alma :p
  9. I think the Papillon and any other bag is well-suited for whoever wants to carry it. Age is just a number and I will certainly not be defined by it!
    Anyways, isn't the Papillon one of the 10 Icon Bags? I can't imagine an icon bag not being appropriate for anyone!
  10. If you like it, wear it! Who cares what other people think!!
  11. OH S***!!!! I meant older crowd, not crows!!!!!! Sorry if I offended anyone! It was a typo! :push: :noggin:
  12. I am over 30 and I carry my papillon 30 and get so many compliments when I do! I really think that the 30 is for all ages, perhaps the smaller papillon 19 would be for the younger crowd but the 30 is a good size and looks fabulous on any arm!
  13. I really wanted a pap 30 as my first bag. (I just turned 37) The thought of being too old never occured to me. The two reasons I did not get it were the inside -no pockets, didn't like the leather inside and the straps would not stay on my shoulder and I thought I wanted a shoulder bag.

    I ended up getting a "going out" bag and getting the Beverly Clutch (still not a shoulder bag!). I think the Beverly is even "younger" than the Pap. I would still like a Pap 30, maybe in Damier.

    I think a lot of the LV bags are youthful but classic, but I consider that a GOOD thing! :tup:

    Over 30 doesn't mean we need a granny bag! :tdown:
  14. Go for it! It's a beautiful bag, as long as you are happy ... that's all that matters!
  15. thanks everyone for your support!!!!!
    I really think the papillon is a special design and probably will go for it!!!!:yahoo: