Mono owners, are you still in love with bags that have aged/dark/uneven patina?

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  1. Ive had mono bags that have pretty much looked grubby in time, no matter how much I took care of them. I tend to fall out of love once vachetta darkens and I am not the type who likes the vintage look either. Do you still use yours? Keep em? Sell em? Is it just me or do some of you feel the same way?
  2. my bags dont have a dark patina yet.. but i dont really like the dark dark dark patina... i like it white or honey
  3. Used to hate when the vach wasn't white. The handles on my mono carryall do not have an even patina, but the darker color is kind of growing on me....part of the charm i guess
  4. My baggy gm and speedy have really dark & uneven patina and it is not an issue for me at all adds character to them:tup:
  5. I admire ladies carrying speedies with dark and dirty patina. It looks great on them but I cant seem to pull it like they do LOL :girlsigh:
  6. I love the patina. I really like when it gets that nice dark honey look. However, I hate when the handles turn black or there are lots of stains. Still, vintage LV's do have charm.
  7. yesssssssssssss...
  8. yes. much the same as when it was bought :yes:
  9. I still love it ;) I have Multi with dark patina, I love it and make me worry free to carry it as a daily bag.
  10. yes, I do. It's part of the charm of LV. The bodyguard guarding the LV store once told me he loves seeing ladies carrying lv mono bags with dark patina, lots of love towards the bag.
  11. It's part of LV =]
  12. I don't like dark brown almost black patina. I haven't had any of my bags get to that point yet. My bags have a light honey color to them right now and I'm loving that. But once the leather ages to the color of med-brown, I'm not sure what I'll do....maybe replace the vachetta.
  13. I love all the colors of LV and that goes for the vachetta too! Of course there is a difference between dirty and dark.
  14. I love patina! I think it is a badge of ownership and I am eagerly waiting for my few bags to turn darker. I rotate on a weekly basis and will not "tan" them. I want them to patina through use! :smile:
  15. I agree that I think there is a difference between dirty and dark. My first Mono Speedy 30 was an ebay purchase. It was pretty well loved before I purchased it and had extremely dark/dirty handles. It's nice because I don't worry about carrying it but it doesn't go out as often as it used to. I just can't bring myself to sell it though...