Mono or multi focul lenses ;) Just hit that age!

  1. Just hit that age....u know.....where my arms aren't long enough. (29:sneaky:) Have been experimenting with my opthamologist with contact lenses. I have to decide very shortly. Neither are perfect, but I want to be able to wear my chanel, dior, Tom Ford sunglasses and read out in the sun. What do you wear?
  2. I have contacts where the prescription for the left eye is for reading up-close and the right eye is prescribed for distance. It seems like things would be out of balance with two different prescriptions, but it's just fine.

    The contacts work well for things like reading menus in restaurants or a magazine in a doctor's office, but for around the house reading of the newspaper or a book I prefer my glasses. They're bifocals but you can't see the line and my close-up vision is much sharper than with my contacts.