mono or mini lin?

  1. Ok ladies i am going to buy my first lv and its going to be a speedy,im just not sure im torn between the mono 25 or the mini lin 30 any advice would greatly be appreciated thanks ladies.:shrugs::confused1:
  2. mono 25 first because its a classic.. and then the mini lin collection afterwards..
  3. i like mono25.
  4. I agree with the mono 25.
  5. I vote for the Mini Lin!!!!

    No Vachetta and still has the LV logo. Light weight. Easy to maintain. Not everyone has one.

  6. mini lin.
  7. mono 25! :biggrin:
  8. mini lin
  9. Ditto - for all the same reasons. and not as vulnerable as it might appear.
  10. Vote for Mini Lin ;) I've problem with vachetta.
  11. mini lin 30
  12. another mini lin vote here! it's easy to take care and so beautiful.
  13. My first LV was a Mini Lin and I super love it. I just think it looks classier than the Mono.
  14. I vote mini lin 30:okay:

  15. I have the mono 25 and was using while I was shopping yesterday and a girl had the mini lin in ebene it looked soooooo good! ...Im not helping at all ...If the 30 looks good on you, get it, I didnt get mini lin because 30s look huge on me!