Mono or Damier?

  1. Im a nurse and wear scrubs to work, which line would you suggest for an everyday bag Damier or Monogram Canvas? Or do scrubs and LV just not mix?
  2. Damier is more durable, as you don't have to worry about the vachetta. And it goes with everything!
  3. I don't think you can go wrong either way, but as fashin_junky said, damier is more durable
  4. i agree i think damier i think its just not as common as the mono which is EVERYWHERE
  5. I say Damier. It lower maintenance. you can throw it around and it still looks great. :yes:
  6. Damier!:yes:
  7. yes, get Damier. it's vachetta-free and therefore worry-free. it's also less common than the Mono, and more professional-looking
  8. I agree go damier
  9. I have to agree with everyone else. The Damier will be more durable but they're both great.
  10. I agree...go with damier...I too wear scrubs a lot and I think damier would go very well, I wouldn't have to worry about the naked vachetta getting dirty with my dirty scrubs on!
  11. Definately Damier!! :yes:
  12. Either will work it just depends on your personal preference. Are you an "in your face" type of girl or more demure? Damier is more understated elegance to me while monogram is bolder. Let us know which one you decide to go with! Good luck.
  13. I vote for Damier! :smile:
  14. Both are fantastic. Either one would be fine, and whatever you choose, you can not go wrong. Damier is more durable, but I kinda like the mono canvas for everyday.
  15. wow girl. you are brave. i am a rn too and the first thing i do is to put my plain cotton bag in the locker before i touch anything at work. i think about all the bacteria lurking around and it grosses me out.

    but i vote for the damier!